Our History

>The very first Alois family factory was born in 1885.
It was founded by progentor Raffaele Alois, who decided - after a few years - to expand the firm, purely commercial at first, to the creation and production of silk fabrics, with a early expertise in decor.
From Royal Palaces to the Vatican, the White House and the Muséé du Louvre, Alois fabrics cover the most renowed manors, spreading worldwide a small reality which takes its origins from the little hamlet of San Leucio, next to the Royal Palace of Caserta.
Compagnia Creativa by Antonio Alois - nowadays flanked by his sons Raffaele and Michele - carries on this wonderful entrepreneurial adventure, thus making elengance and innovation the essential core of its creations.
Italian craftsmanship at its premium expression.

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